Our team

°We are not the family because we work together from early morning until late at night, we are the family because we respect, trust, and take care for each other°

HOANG TUNG: A young chef with solid experience in the kitchen. Having a humble start with Economic major in Finland, Tung soon developed his interest for gourmet food and drink, later did he know, his life had a great turn when Tung got opportunities to work and master his skills in different top-notched Michelin starred restaurants in Scandinavia region. The Bocuse Bronze in Vietnam qualification returned to his country with the desire of bringing his deep knowledge and experience in fine food to make a positive change to the local food & beverage industry.

LONG TRAN: Graduated from the hotel schools in Switzerland, Long soon gained his experience through various renowned hotels around the world. For the last couple years he has trained, worked and contributed to the success of the Michelin starred restaurants that make their constant presents in World’s 50 Best Restaurants and Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list. His 10 years of experience in hospitality industry has grown in him the versatile skillsets and the appreciation for the art of fine dining.

TRUONG QUANG DZUNG: As a passionate chef, Dzung is an important missing puzzle for the operations team. The former chef- owner of the Gastropub Hanoi, with strong insight and experience in local market, is now involving more in the marketing tasks and ensuring T.U.N.G dining is well introduced to the public with the founder team’s original intension and vision. A great passion comes along the crave to learn help Dung come a long way and grow far beyond.                 

NGUYEN DO NGUYET ANH: Having backgrounds in finance and investment banking in Finland and United Kingdom, Anh developed her expertise in handling financial flow and system. The only female member in the founder team fast proves her important role with eyes for detail, good sense of entrepreneurship and strong belief of “numbers don’t lie”. She is the backbone of the T.U.N.G dining and the red threat among the team members.